Gujarati Talking Newspaper

The Gujarati Talking Newspaper Nottinghamshire was formed in 1997 and is the first of it's kind in Nottinghamshire.

The Aims and Objectives of the organisation are to produce twice monthly, free of charge audio tapes for blind, partially sighted and elderly South Asian people who are vulnerable and disadvantaged as they experience isolation due to their poor eye sight and are unable to read or find difficulties to read newspapers, magazines, leaflets, etc.

The organisation works closely in collaboration with the Nottinghamshire Royal Society for the Blind (NRSB) who have kindly allowed the use of their offices and sound studio to produce the audio tapes.

The audio tapes are sent out every fortnight within the UK at no charge to the recipient and are returnable thanks to a Freepost service. The audio tapes are produced by a team of volunteers and contain Gujarati current news, folk songs, bhajans, folk stories, benefits advise, good health and diet tips, etc.

To request an audio tape or for more information please contact us:

The Secretary, Gujarati Talking Newspaper Nottinghamshire,
Ortzen Street, Radford, Nottinghamshire NG7 4BN

Tel:      0115 970 6806 or 0115 970 7700

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